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2021 Palm Beach Democratic Party Holiday Celebration & Toy Drive a Huge Success!

Hundreds of Toys Collected for PBC Kids!
Thank you, PBC Democrats!


A crowd of over 150 happy PBC Dems packed the ballroom of the Airport Hilton this past Friday, December 10, to celebrate the holiday season at our 2021 PBCDP Annual Holiday Celebration & Toy Drive - our first in 2 years!  Vaccinations were required, and a great time was had by everyone, dining & dancing, mixing & mingling with our PBC elected officials & fellow Dems -- and best of all, over 400 toys were donated for distribution to needy PBC kids! 


In addition to the evening's haul, additional toys also were collected by our Democratic clubs, caucuses & groups throughout the county to give to PBC children who otherwise might not have received a gift this holiday season.  A big Thank You to all PBC Dems & friends who donated toys this year and to everyone who was able to participate with us on the 10th -- we hope you enjoyed this festive evening!


We thought you would enjoy seeing photos of the celebration -- check out the photos of all the toys & all the happy D's by clicking here and also here!

Photos courtesy of Carol Porter & Carlton Cartwright

Thank You to Our 2021 Sponsor & Host Committee and Event Volunteers!

The Palm Beach County Democratic Party would like to extend great appreciation to our amazing Host Committee  (see complete list of Sponsors & Hosts below) who helped make this year's event our best ever.  Our thanks also to our wonderful event Volunteer team  for their incredible work.  KUDOS to all these very special people.  


Hon. Joseph Abruzzo  *  Junaid Akther  *  Dr. Deanna Albert & Mr. Bernard Albert  *  Hon. Joaquin Almazan  *  Aaron Augustus *    Hon. Lori Berman  *  Hon. Ric Bradshaw  *  Hon. Karen Brill  *  Bruce Brodsky  *  Cornerstone Solutions  *  Jim Carroll  *  Hon. Joe Casello  *  Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick  *  Rhonda Cohen   *  Tennille Decoste  *  Hon. Ted Deutch  *  Robert Diffenderfer  *  Hon. Joel Flores  *  Hon. Christy Fox  *  Hon. Lois Frankel  *  Hon.  Anne Gannon  *  Greg Glenn  *  Hon. Lawrence Gordon  *  Bonnie Greenberg  *  Tricia Hallison-Mischler  *  Sara Hamer  *  Hon. Carey Haughwout  *  Richard & Mary Ingman  *  Hon. Dorothy Jacks  *  Hon. Keith James  *  Joan Katz  *  Judith Teller Kaye  *  Kevin Muth  *  Debra Kanter   *  Hon. Dave Kerner  *  Hon. Christina Lambert  *  Dr. Jennifer Leslie  *  Reesa & Stephen Levy  *  Hon. Wendy Link  *  Hon. Rachelle Litt  *  Hon. Sarah Malega  *  Hon. Mark Marciano  *  Carol Moore  *  Tim Morrell  *  Deidre Newton  *  Charles Oesterle   *  Hon. Ty Penserga  *  Hon. Tina Polsky  *  Hon. Bobby Powell  *  Terrie Rizzo  *   Hon. Maria Sachs  *  Hon. Kelly Skidmore  *  Hon. Emily Slosberg  *  Ken Sommers  * Davicka Thompson  *  Dr. Joan Waitkevicz & Shirley Herman  *  Hon. Katherine Waldron  *  Hon. Robert Weinroth  *  Hon. Gregg Weiss  *  Hon. Matt Willhite  *  Clarence Williams III  *  Rabbi Mark & Suellen Winer  *  Hasan Zahangir  *  Bongsoon Zubay


Hon. Joseph Anderson  *  Hon. KaShamba Miller Anderson  *  Hon. Dave Aronberg  *  Hon. Mack Bernard  *  Carlton Cartwright  *  Nancy Chanin  *  Hon. Blair Ciklin  *  Angela Cruz  *  Nicole Galante  *  Steven Gaskill  *  Robert Gorman  *  Miriam Hanan  *  Brian Hanley  *  Annette Hanson  *  Sharon Lascola  *  Dianne Lerner  *  David Olsen   *  Hon. Katrina Long-Robinson  *  Hon. Maria Lopez  *  Hon. John McGovern  *  Michelle Oyola McGovern  *  Hon. Chelsea Reed  *  Hon. Betty Resch  *  Corinna Balderamos Robinson  *  Hon. Priscilla Taylor  *  Hon. Andy Thomson  *  Thais Villanueva



Special Appreciation to Our Wonderful Event Volunteers 
Joan Katz, Event Director  
Teri Mitze, Assistant Director 
Ana-Christina Acosta  *   Fred Eisinger  *  Helene Feliciano  *  Aretina Knowles  *  Sharon Lascola  *  Grover Ollies  *  Norma Jean Pinder  *  Ann Sgarlata  *  Meryl Shatzman  *  Bonnie Sheil  *  Tom Valeo  *  Brian Bees  *   Brian Bartels  *  Steve Licari  *  Junaid Akther  *  Mary Therese Delate  *  Shirley Herman  *  Dr. Joan Waitkevicz  *  Michael Cantwell  *  Char Lane  *  Felonice Merriman  *  Allen Robbins
Carol Porter  *  Carlton Cartwright


Some of the hundreds of toys donated by PBC Dems at the 2021 Holiday Party!


Volunteers assist with signing in for the celebration


Congresswoman Frankel and many of our DEC board members


Some of our Host Committee pictured above - see elsewhere on this page for complete list!

Check out the photo galleries of all the toys and happy D's by clicking here and also here!

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