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Results for the 2023 PBC Municipal Elections 



Now available:  sample ballots.

Click here.

Local elections will be held in a number of PBC's 39 municipalities on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Election Day - March 14, 2023

Deadline to register – Monday, February 13, 2023

Deadline to request that a VBM ballot be mailed to you - 5 PM on Saturday, March 4, 2023. The deadline has now passed.  However, you can request a Vote by Mail ballot in person at the Supervisor of Elections office. 

Early Voting - Not available

Deadline to return Vote by Mail Ballot - 7 PM on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Note:  The municipal races are non-partisan. For your convenience, we have listed the Party affiliations of the candidates: Dem, Rep or NPA.  "NPA" stands for No Party Affiliation. 

We have also indicated whether the candidate is an incumbent ("I" after their name). 

Election Details, by community


  • Group 4

    • Michael LaCoursiere (NPA)

    • Paul Mozen (Dem)

Boynton Beach

  • District 2

    • Woodrow Hay (I) (Dem)​

    • Joe Josemond (Rep)

    • Bernard Wright (NPA)

  • District 4​

    • Aimee Kelly (I) (Dem)​

    • Danny Lee Ferrell (Dem)

    • Thomas Ramiccio (Rep)


  • Bob Leupp (Rep

  • Brad Doyle (Rep)

  • Jim Deery (NPA)

  • Linda Allen (Dem)

Lake Park

  • Commissioner

    • Patricia Leduc (Dem)

    • Rafael Moscoso (Rep)

    • Judith Thomas (Dem)

Ocean Ridge

  • Town Commission

    • Carolyn Cassidy (Rep)

    • Susan Hurlburt (I) (Dem)

    • Martin Wiescholek (I) (Dem)

South Bay

  • Commissioner Seat #1

    • Esther E Berry (Rep)

    • John Brockman (Dem)

  • Commissioner Seat #3​

    • Barbara King (Dem)

    • Taranza McKelvin (Dem)

  • Commissioner Seat #5​

    • Albert L. Polk (NPA)​

    • George Sandiford (Dem)


Belle Glade

  • Seat A

    • Stanley Highsmith (Dem)​

    • Zytack Marin (Rep)

  • Seat B

    • Steve Wilson (I) (Dem)​

    • Robert Mitchell (Dem)

Delray Beach

  • Seat 2

    • Juli Casale (I) (Dem)​

    • Rob Long (Dem)

  • Seat 4​

    • Angel Burns (Dem)​

    • Angeleta Gray (Dem)

  • Referendum:  Bond approval for public parks​

Juno Beach

  • Seat 1

    • Marianne Hosta (NPA)​

    • Michael Moll (Rep)

    • Adlo Rovere (Dem)

  • Ballot question:  how the Mayor is selected and the Mayor's term of office​


  • Group 3

    • Mark Zeitler (I) (NPA)​

    • Raymond Lastella (Rep)

  • Group 4​

    • Christopher Castle (Rep)​

    • John A. Raymer (Rep)

  • Referendum:  changing voting requirements from majority to plurality​

Palm Beach Shores

  • Two open seats:

    • Tracy Larcher (I) NPA

    • Janet Kortenhaus (I) (Rep)

    • Mark Ward (Dem)

Village of Tequesta

  • A referendum on approving a general obligation bond for land acquisition and a referendum approving three year terms

  • Six charter amendments:

    • Changing Council members' term of office from two years to three

    •  Providing for a one-year residency requirement prior to running for Council

    • Drawing lots to resolve a tie election vote

    • Temporary appointment of Council members

    • Requirements for a voter referendum for police department changes

    • Permission for non-substantive text edits of the Village charter

Boca Raton

  • Only item on the ballot is a charter amendment extending the terms of office for the Mayor and City Council

HIghland Beach

  • Donald Peters (NPA)

  • John Shoemaker (I) (Rep)

  • Judith Goldberg (Rep)

  • Peter Kosovsky (NPA)

  • Margarita O. Chappelear (Rep)

Lake Clarke Shores

  • Mayor

    • Paul R. Shalhoub (I) (Dem)​

    • John Maples (Rep)

Mangonia Park

  • Group 3

    • Lisa Davis-Quince (Dem)

    • Edward E. Smith (Dem)

Palm Springs

  • Councilmember--District 4

    • Joni Brinkman (Dem)

    • Alberto Jordat (NPA)

Voters living within the participating municipalities’ precincts are eligible to vote in this election. Voters living in unincorporated Palm Beach County are not eligible to vote in municipal elections. 


For further information, visit the Supervisor of Elections website at

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