Palm Beach County is the 3rd largest county in the 3rd largest state; we are key to any Democratic victory. Please consider donating, participating in our fundraising events, and buying our merchandise to help support us in turning Florida and the U.S.A. blue! 

Annual Fundraisers

Legacy at the Links

Join us for a fun day at the Gleneagles Country Club for a day of golf, followed by a Super Blue BBQ Dinner.

TKJ Dinner

The Palm Beach County Democratic Event of the Year! You won't want to miss it!

Become a Legacy Blue Donor

Preparation for the next election begins now! You are vital to our success; we need your engagement and support for the next election cycle.

With a one-time contribution of at least $120 or a monthly contribution of $10 or more, you'll become a member of Palm Beach County Legacy Blue Democrat. Sustained monthly donations provide the PBCDP with a dependable steady revenue stream integral to our operations.

Become a Legacy Blue Donor today!

Legacy Blue Democrats 2021

PLATINUM ($100 or more/month)

  • Mike Coleman, PBCDP Vice Chair

  • Terrie Rizzo, FDP and PBCDP Chair

  • Judith Teller Kaye, Precinct 4224

Holiday Party

All Democrats and friends are invited for a fun evening of holiday cheer and camaraderie.

GOLD ($50 or more/month)

  • Ron Britney, Precinct 5156

  • Bob Diffenderfer, PBCDP Treasurer

  • Jennifer Hudson, Precinct 1062

  • Richard Ingman, Precinct 4228

  • Mindy Koch, President, Boca Delray Democratic Club, Precinct 51

  • Sharon Lascola, Zone Leader 5

  • Deidre Newton, PBCDP State Committeewoman

  • John Ramos, PBCDP State Committeeman 

  • Kenneth Sommers, DDS, PBCDP Recording Secretary

  • Bongsoon Zubay, Zone Leader 3W, Precinct 2078

SILVER ($25 or more/month)

  • David Aronberg, State Attorney

  • Paula Bousquet, Greenacres City Councilwoman

  • George Conroy, Precinct 1184

  • Brenda Ferber

  • Robert Harding, Zone Leader 6W, Precinct 3133

  • Loretta Jacobson

  • Joy Lewis, Precinct 6208

  • Sophia Nelson, PBCDP Secretary

  • Pat O'Hearne, Zone Leader Emeritus 8

  • Dave Olson, Zone Leader 2

  • Justine Postal, Democratic Women’s Club

  • Ira J. Raab, Parlimentarian

  • Allen Robbins, Precinct 5046

  • Suellen & Mark Winer, Precinct 5170

BRONZE ($10 or more/month)

  • Arnold Bernstein, Zone Leader 7W

  • Jayne Chapman, Precinct 4196

  • Alan Cohen

  • Harriet Diamond, Voter Registration Coordinator

  • Nicholas Doggett

  • Patricia “Pat” Edmonson, Precinct 7110

  • Barbara Eriv, Zone Leader 11

  • Florence Fidell, Precinct 5016

  • Phil Green, Precinct 2014

  • Miriam Hanan, Precinct 5056

  • Cheryl Harris, Precinct 5016

  • Shirley Herman, Precinct 7070

  • Arthur Jacoby, Precinct 4202

  • Florence Kassler, Precinct 5144

  • Myra Koutzen, Mayor, Palm Beach Shores, Precinct 1388

  • Carole & Bruce Levy, At Large

  • Ahila Mangroo, Precinct 2196

  • Cary Nation

  • David Persons, Precinct 5036

  • Mary Jane Range, Precinct 1312

  • Barbara Salamon, Precinct 3120

  • Mark Alan Siegel, Precinct 4140, DEC Chair 2008-2012

  • Carole Silverstein, Precinct 5062

  • Bernice Sklar, Precinct 5016

  • Arlene Ustin, Precinct 4098

  • Dr. H. Joan Waitkevitz, President, PBC Democratic Women’s Club

  • Elinor Williams, Precinct 4106

Palm Beach County Democratic Party

Kings Point Professional Building

15127 Jog Road, Suite 101

Delray Beach, FL 33446


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