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Thank a Democrat

If you appreciate Civil Rights, Affordable Health Care, Infrastructure Investment, Medicare and Medicaid, GI Bill access, and many, many other opportunities, benefits, safety nets, and more that Democrats have championed, invested in, voted for and otherwise made available: Thank a Democrat.  

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Democrats Want to Fix Bridges, Provide Childcare and Lower Drug Costs. Republicans don’t.

This is the headline you didn't read in the press—but you should have. Did you know that the Infrastructure Bill that Democrats voted for (and the majority of Republicans did not!) is widely backed by a majority of the American people?*


Voters need to know more about what Democrats have accomplished in just a few months. Read more below.

Letters from an American, November 27, 2021
Heather Cox Richardson


  • "Democrats want to fix bridges, provide childcare and lower drug costs. Republicans don’t. These are political facts and voters should be aware of them." (Tweet by journalist Magdi Semrau)


  • ...Republican attacks on Democrats, which are simple and emotional, get far more traction and thus far more coverage in the mainstream press than the slow and successful navigation of our complicated world.


  • Under Biden, the U.S. has recovered economically from the pandemic faster than other nations that did not invest as heavily in stimulus. In March 2021, the Democrats passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan stimulus package to rebuild the economy, and it has worked spectacularly. Real gross domestic product growth this quarter is expected to be 5%, and the stock market has hit new highs, as did Black Friday sales yesterday. Two thirds of Americans are content with their household’s financial situation.


  • The American Rescue Plan...[addresses]... the needs of ordinary Americans rather than the wealthy who have dominated our policymaking since 1981. It provided more than $5 billion in rental assistance, for example, and expanded the Child Tax Credit, so that by the end of October, $66 billion had gone to more than 36 million households, cutting the child poverty rate in half.


  • Over the course of the summer, Biden negotiated an extraordinarily complicated infrastructure package, winning a $1.2 trillion bipartisan bill that will repair roads and bridges and provide broadband across the country, and getting the larger, $2.2 trillion Build Back Better bill through the House. Now before the Senate, the bill calls for universal pre-kindergarten, funding for child care and elder care, a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and protection against climate change.


  • Has the Biden administration accomplished anything? It has created a sea change in our country, rebuilding its strength by orienting the government away from the supply-side economics that led lawmakers to protect the interests of the wealthy, and toward the far more traditional focus on building the economy by supporting regular Americans.

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50 Amazing Things Democrats Have Done
Since Biden Took Office

From Daily Kos Saturday Roundup of October 11, 2021


(NOTE: This was even before the Infrastructure Act & Build Back Better Act were passed!)  Lots of great points to share.

We are less than a year into a 4 year presidency. What have Biden and the Democrats accomplished in that time?  A lot.

The press likes to focus on the PANIC they can induce while we wait for Democrats to figure out their differences on major legislation.  It gets clicks.  What they are ignoring is a party that has gotten a heck of a lot done for the American people in less than a year.

Let’s share some good news about Democrats for a change!

Here are 50 of my favorites of their accomplishments:

Click HERE:  50 Amazing Things Democrats Have Done Since Biden Took Office: Saturday's GN

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